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Green Key

Green Key is the largest sustainability label for the tourism and leisure industry in the Netherlands. Our holiday park carries the Green Key Gold label! This means that we go beyond normal laws and regulations to make our park as sustainable as possible without compromising on quality and comfort.

Want more information about Green Key or want to know how you can do your bit? Then take a look at:


How you do your bit

Good to know is that it is important to us that you as guests are not inconvenienced by the sustainable actions we undertake. Unknowingly, you as guests are also doing your bit. 
- Our accommodations have water-saving taps. This uses up to 70% less water than a normal tap. 
- Our smart thermostats are equipped with a motion sensor and ensure that it will never be too hot or too cold in your accommodation to prevent energy loss. 
- The coffee cups in your welcome pack are made from plants. This means that after use, the coffee cups can go in the garbage and are completely biodegradable.
- Your accommodation is cleaned with certified cleaning agents.
- During your stay, we have set an energy ceiling to prevent excessive electricity consumption and to make everyone aware of their own consumption. 
- In our car park we have 6 charging points for electric or hybrid cars. 
- We use only sustainable materials in our catering and have stopped using plastic cutlery. We also offer various vegetarian, organic and local dishes and products. 
- Our swimming pool uses an automatic flushing system. This means less water and heat is lost. 
- At our holiday park, we have several bins and waste containers to separate your waste.


Future plans

We also have plenty of plans ready for the future to make our holiday park as sustainable as possible. 
- We will install solar panels on the roof of our swimming pool and on part of our accommodation. 
- We will install LED lighting with motion sensors in our buildings and facilities.

Tips for a 'green' stay

Apart from all the measures and adjustments we have made to our holiday park, you can also make various 'green' choices yourself. 
- At our reception, we have various cycling and walking routes ready for you. See also the various tips on our website. This way, you can discover our environment in a sustainable way.
- Choose one of our sustainable means of transport. We have a wide choice, for example: various bicycles, electric islanders and go-karts.
- Take a reusable shopping bag to our supermarket. Forgotten? We also offer these in our Spar supermarket.

Do you have any questions or tips of your own? 
Then of course we would love to hear from you. Please send an e-mail to: